Videssence Fluorescent Lighting
  Videssence Installation - BATV-43 Cable Access Television  

Finally, a new studio! BATVTV43 in cooperation with the local school district built a new studio within the walls of the Batavia High School, in Batavia, IL. The arrangement was certainly a win-win situation for both concerns. The high school would have direct access to the studio for educational classes, and the cable station would have direct access to the students to run camera and do editing for local programming. There have been 2 semesters of broadcasting classes, 16 months of video club, 18 months of community training, and over 1,000 hours of programming.

The education classes taught in the studio brought about a need to reassess the equipment in the facility; especially the studio lighting. Equipped with only a few incandescent fixtures, there certainly was a need to upgrade.

“We are fortunate to have such a nice selection of Videssence lights in our studio. This allows us to have quality lighting, cooler studio operation, and save energy while educating students on the value of lighting for the camera in video shoots.”

—Dan Shanahan, Programming Director, BATV

The studio is approximately 30´ by 30´ with a 12´ grid. There are two primary shooting areas, a chromakey area, and a two-person interview set. Programming features a wide range of styles and formats, from serious interviews on local government and city issues, to innovative shows created by the imaginative students. Since its inception in 1998, Batavia Access Television (BATV) has provided the community of Batavia with free, noncommercial television production and related services including video production equipment and facilities, professional assistance, and cablecasting of non-commercial, public, government, and education programs. The studio is also used to teach high school level courses on all facets of broadcasting, a new curriculum for Batavia High School.

A variety of Videssence lighting instruments were installed in the studio. Each fixture can be individually demonstrated in terms of photometric output and appropriate application. Currently being used to light the interview set, the lights can be re-hung to light the chromakey wall, or taken down for location shoots. The selection of fixtures includes a Baselite220, Koldlite110, Koldlite220, Modular M110, Zone 234, each with a variety of accessories, including intensifiers and zone control screens