Videssence Fluorescent Lighting
  Viewpoint Productions Services, Inc. in Pittsburg, PA  
(As seen in the April 18, 2004 issue of TV Technology in the USER section.)

Bigger Isn’t Better in Lighting

By Jim Artzberger
Viewpoint Production Services, Inc.

Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Viewpoint Production Services, Inc. is a professional video and audio rental and remote television production services company, offering a variety of equipment and production services. We provide cameras, audio-video equipment, control room trucks, lighting and even professional video crews if required for a production shoot. Some of our clients include, NBC News, NBC Sports, HBO, MTV, ABC News, ESPN and numerous feature films, to name a few.

We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality equipment in our rental inventory at all times. Our in-house service department maintains each piece of equipment to assure that our rental equipment is in optimal working condition at all times. Superior products and personnel have kept our clients coming back for over 25 years.

The variety of lighting equipment we offer for rental is quite extensive. Important considerations for location lighting equipment are durability, size, heat generation and electrical power requirements. Many location shoots are held in tight quarters so minimal size set-ups become essential.

Mary Ruffing of Viewpoint Production Services in interview set-up with Baby Base Kit (shown below) from Videssence.

Compact lighting equipment allows ease of arrangement and expands lighting placement options. Power is also a major concern on location, whether operating from a mobile generator in the control truck or plugging into available power at the site. I don’t want to blow someone’s circuits because we have tapped in and draw more juice than they can handle!

We have found that Fluorescent studio lighting is a great solution for many of the power and heat issues we encounter with traditional incandescent fixtures. The heat produced by incandescent fixtures is not only uncomfortable during the shoot, but can be down right hazardous in some cases. We were filming an open heart surgery in progress a number of years ago and lighting with incandescent fixtures. The small room was equipped with dual stage sprinklers and in case of fire (or tremendous heat) the first stage pops off the sprinkler caps. A few degrees more and the second stage will start sprinkling. Not what you sign up for in open heart surgery! Once those caps popped off, there was quite a scramble to cool that room. This would not have occurred with fluorescent fixtures.

One of the recent fluorescent additions to our lighting rentals is the new Baby Base Kit from Videssence. The light weight kit is great for location single talent shoots and executive three point lighting set-ups. Three small (9”L x 5”W x 6”Ht), sturdy fixtures with stands, lamps and barn-doors are included in the kit.

Let me tell you, after seeing them in use, those little guys pack quite a punch! Each unit only draws 84 watts, yet it puts out light equal to a 300 watt incandescent fixture. That is a power savings that I can take to the bank. And the cool, fluorescent operation keeps the talent comfortable. You can even order the fixtures with integral dimming which is controlled from a dial on the back of the unit. All of these features make the fixtures extremely versatile and a great asset to our line.

The popularity of the Baby Base Kit from Videssence will boom, as more and more of my client see it in action. This is just what they expect from us, innovative, flexible lighting fixtures that can easily adapt to many production situations.

Jim Artzberger started Viewpoint Production Services over 25 years ago. He offers premium equipment, to obtain superior results. You may contact Jim Artzburgher at Viewpoint Production Services, 412-369-7171, through the website at or via e-mail at