Videssence Fluorescent Lighting
  Videssence Installation - KYW-TV (CBS-3) Philadelphia  

KYW-TV in Philadelphia, PA was the first, true HD station in the United States. The studio, built from the ground up specifically for High Definition broadcasting, debuted on air April 2, 2007.

The onset of HDTV has really raised the bar for lighting design in broadcast studios. Since HD technology shows infinitely more detail in the broadcast image, fluorescent fixtures are the perfect lighting solution. The harsh, hard edge shadows created by quartz fixtures might be fine for artistic interest, but the stations’ “talent” does not want every flaw and wrinkle in their face highlighted in the same fashion. On the other hand, fluorescent lighting produces a much softer, flattering, more diffuse light.

Paul Hicks, the in house lighting designer at KYW-TV, chose to light the studio with the new Videssence Power Key Series 220 watt fixtures. The patented “POWER KEY” luminaires, are the only focusable fluorescent fixtures in the world. A simple adjustment mechanism moves the lamp placement within the fixture allowing for easy field adjustments from 60° thru 90° Beam Spread. In conjunction with quarts for back lighting, Mr. Hicks used all dimmable Power Key #P220-455BX fixtures for key and fill lighting for the anchor desk, the chromakey wall, the interview set and the weather center.