Videssence Fluorescent Lighting
  Videssence Installation - Chabot College  


The Information and Technology Department at Chabot College was searching for a television lighting solution that could be used in their studio as well as a variety of teaching locations around the Hayward, California campus.

The choice was made to go with a Videssence lighting package from system integrator Redwood Media Group. Steve Mulkey of Redwood Media Group (Chabot A.A. 1973) also provided on site training for the Chabot staff as part of the package.

Videssence fixtures included Koldlite Series K110 and K220 models, along with a range of control accessories. Matthews (MSE) rolling stands were also provided so equipment could be moved easily between the KCC-TV Channel 27 studio and other production areas around the campus.

Chabot Long Distance Education is creating a progressive program where courses are offered with the instructor’s lectures on DVD. Chabot College had the foresight to recognize that long distance education is expected to be a 15 billion dollar enterprise by late 2005. This format is the equivalent of the 21st century correspondence course, matching the mobile life style with employment demands of today. The student will have little or no actual contact with the instructor except through e-mail, assignment submission and grading via e-mail and online testing.

It is for this reason Ginger Ripplinger, Manager of Instructional Television at KCC-TV, realized the need for the best possible lighting in order to produce the highest quality video for broadcast and DVD.

“A tremendous bonus feature of the Videssence lighting for faculty is the lack of heat produced. Long hours spent lecturing in the studio can be draining with the heat generated by traditional lighting.” —Ginger Ripplinger, Manager of Instructional Television at KCC-TV