Videssence Fluorescent Lighting
  Videssence Installation - CNN Central London News Studio  

On Monday, December 3, 2001, CNN went “On the Air” from their new multimillion dollar, state of the art digital studios in central London, using Videssence Lighting Fixtures.

For the main news desk, Videssence provided the first generation of a new version of the existing V-Beam Model. The new V-Beam V252 uses a 42 watt ballast complimented by a new higher performance reflector material, which substantially increases the light output of the fixture, allowing the fixtures to be placed further away from the talent, thereby offering maximum comfort levels, while creating cleaner camera shots.

Also, custom made to specification for the project, was a set of “Eyelites.” These fixtures were mounted under the ledge of the 20 foot, circular shaped news desk to provide low angle fill lighting. The 6-watt T-2 lamps were used because of their low power consumption and reasonable costs, the results are stunning.

The V-Beam V252 fixture was used in the Stand Up Interview/News Flash Studio Area as key lighting and the Modular M110 fixture was used as fill lighting, to provide perfect even lighting for a multiple purpose area.

Videssence lighting the new CNN studios
in Central London