Videssence Fluorescent Lighting
  Videssence Installation - EDWARD DEEB CONFERENCE ROOM  


The College of Communications Arts at Michigan State University was confronted with a challenge any educational institution would love to face, a donation for the specific use of turning a general meeting room at the entrance to the Comm. Arts building into a state of the art, multi purpose video conference facility.

Richard Tibbals, CAS Information Technology Manager began the process of selecting the equipment that would outfit this room, which would be utilized for a variety of purposes. It would continue to be used for receptions, general meetings, and administrative meetings, but would also be readied for distance learning, video conferencing, and interviews for broadcast on the University’s television station WKAR.

To meet these requirements, the room was equipped with an interactive video board, a touch panel allowing operation of equipment from a projected computer menu on the screens, satellite, cable TV, DVD, videotape playback, a video projector and surround audio.

With the sophistication level of equipment being installed, lighting became a critical issue. Lighting in the room consisted of recessed troffers and a row of down lights surrounding the room. Installing effective light for the camera, while providing quality illumination to the presenters and attendees in the room, was critical. The Chief Engineer of WKAR, Mr. Gary Blievernicht, recommended researching Videssence and their new fixture developed for distance learning applications, the Softlite.

The Edward Deeb Conference Room was opened on January 20th, 2002 to rave reviews.

“Everyone who has seen a demonstration of the room has been very impressed with the evenness of light produced from the Videssence fixtures. This uniformity of light allows us to utilize a variety of set-ups in the space. And the color temperature is exact to the camera’s needs.”
—Richard Tibbals, C AS Information Technology Manager

The Videssence Softlite is a recessed 2x2 fixtures, which provides even vertical illumination in three directions, while comfortably lighting the participants in the video. The indirect reflection of the fixture reduces lighting levels at the front of the space for good contrast at the monitor, while keeping direct light off the camera lens.

The classroom is approximately 21´ by 24´ with a dropped ceiling height of 10´. Videssence generated a point by point analysis to determine the exact number and placement of fixtures required to attain proper lighting levels within the room. Nine Videssence Softlites, SL110-255BX.120, were installed in the grid, three rows of three. Each row of Videssence lights was dimmed on a separate circuit to allow adjustment of lighting during multimedia presentations. The incandescent down lights were left around the perimeter of the room to add esthetic lighting when required for receptions and other non-video meetings.