Videssence Fluorescent Lighting
  Videssence Installation - Econolite Video Conference Room  


Econolite is the leading North American manufacturer and distributor of traffic control equipment and systems. When the decision was made to install a state-of-the-art video conference facility at their Anaheim location, their research began. While investigating lighting, they found that not just any architectural lighting fixture would produce a quality video image.

Video conference spaces can not be properly lit with standard office or conference room light fixtures that are designed to provide horizontal illumination (light on the table). The critical light levels are the vertical surfaces of the participant’s faces and the surrounding walls in the camera’s view. Additionally, the lighting system should not cast harsh shadows on the participant’s face.

The Softlite fluorescent fixtures from Videssence were designed to comfortably illuminate the participants to the correct light levels, without washing out the Screen/Camera wall they are viewing. They are provided with dimming ballasts, to allow total control of the broadcast image. This installation at Econolite also incorporated the new Softwash fixtures from Videssence to control the light levels on the walls. As you can see, great things can be accomplished with the proper fixtures.

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