About Videssence

The Original and Still the Best!

Videssence manufacturers powerful, energy efficient LED and Fluorescent broadcast lighting fixtures and kits for HDTV, Studio, ENG, Film, Distance Learning, Corporate Video Conference and Personal Broadcasting applications.

Our energy-conscious inception began in the 1980s when we introduced the first high color rendering fluorescent lighting for studios and has continued with the advent of LED. When LEDs finally attained performance levels able to compete with tungsten, Videssence developed a full range of LED lighting fixtures. The extended performance and range of Videssence’s LED lighting instruments can easily satisfy all of the essential lighting requirements for large or small studios from Key, Fill, and Back lighting to beautiful, evenly lit Chromakeys. LED fixtures have an excellent color rating of 96+ CRI with greater than 50,000+ hours rated life and are offered in either 3200K or 5600K.

Originally, Videssence concentrated exclusively on the broadcasting world with studio style lighting fixtures “c-clamped” to a grid or mounted on stands and portable lighting kits. As emerging technologies brought about the dawn of entirely new ways to communicate face to face, Videssence expanded their innovative lighting to keep pace. Offerings now include recessed architectural style lighting for bourgeoning forms of communication such as Video Conferencing, Distance Learning and Tele-Medicine. Additionally, a line of personal computer lighting for broadcasting Webinars and Skyping ensures you always look your best when communicating over the internet.

Videssence continues to take advantage of new technology to engineer the quality products that the industry has come to recognize and expect. All of the Videssence lighting products are made in the USA and provide:

  • Outstanding Value & Reliability
  • Excellent Color Rendering
  • High Level Artistic Performance
  • Reduce Energy Consumption
  • Lower Heat Levels for Comfort
  • Long Lamp Life

Whether you are communicating from a studio, an architectural space or on the road -Videssence has you covered.

We look forward to shining some light on your next project.